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The internet plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives. However, a large group of people struggle to use websites. Visionair offers organizations solutions to make their websites more accessible, so that everyone can use the internet in an equal manner.

Shops are accessible to people in a wheelchair. Why is the internet not accessible to people with reduced vision?

Web accessibility means that people with challenges must be able to read, understand and use information on websites, navigate and communicate with it. An accessible website according to the guidelines of the WCAG does not automatically mean that your website is also usable for people with challenges. Our solutions are conceived from the user's point of view. We make your website usable for everyone!

Our solutions

Visionair develops all solutions by its own. We work independently of previously used technology or CMS in a website. This allows us to start without lead time and IT commitment from the customer. Websites don't have to go offline or be redone. That makes things a lot easier and less expensive.


Aally is the first user solution developed by Visionair. Aally's goal is to make a website more usable for people with challenges. We know from experience that if a website meets the guidelines of the WCAG, it does not automatically mean that that website is also more usable. By providing the site with a shell with a simplified representation of the site, it becomes predictable where information is located and you can better navigate through the site. In the Aally environment, a wide range of tools for people with chalenges is offered, such as contrast, magnification, various fonts or reading aloud. Content can be prioritized and the user decides what help is needed.

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About our team

The Visionair team members have many years of experience in the accessibility industry and in the development of ICT solutions.