Information and Safety – within the public safety arena these two words can be synonymous. Having instant access to information can determine the safety of your agencies personnel, as well as the safety of those in your community. Based on these fundamental needs, VisionRMS provides agencies with a user-friendly interface, that allows for a quick and efficient records entry process,and customizable interfaces and filters to allow users to view what they want when they want.

User Friendly Interface

VisionRMS provides users the ability to quickly locate information related to subjects or criminal activity through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Quickly capture and view images related to subjects, crime scenes as well as produce line-ups with almost no effort.

Track Alerts or Warning

Safety is the top priority of any activity you perform. VisionRMS adds an additional layer of protection by alerting users to warnings, or alerts associated to individuals. VisionRMS also provides warnings for outstanding warrants, civil papers, and stolen property.

Optimize Data Sharing through Multiple Jurisdictions

Further increase the effectiveness of your records management system through multi-jurisdictional deployments. Enhance your searches for criminal deviancy by eliminating the constraints of jurisdictional boundaries.

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