For an officer in the field, having the ability to instantly access information related to a dispatched call, hazmat materials, maps or real-time access to NCIC or VisionRMS data can be invaluable. When time and money are both in short demand, departments need more creative policing that keeps the officers in the car and on the streets where they are most needed.

VisionMOBILE LAW provides this solution by bringing the office into the car. Through VisionMOBILE, officers have the ability to run NCIC and RMS queries, check email or even chat in addition to monitoring call and unit information as it is updated in real time from their communication centers.

When combined with GIS and AVL, VisionMOBILE LAW further assists officers by providing them with a powerful emergency response tool that allows them to view mission critical geographical information, such as aerial photos, shortest path routing, building schematics, plus much more.

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