We are happy to have you as our CAD vendor. A company who treats employees and customers as an asset rather than a liability will always win in the long run. Thanks for the great job all the VisionAIR employees do to make it all come together on a daily basis.  Mary Margaret Shimkaveg System Administrator Reedy Creek Improvement District, FL
911, what is the nature of your emergency…?

For dispatchers these words are a part of their service to their communities. For others, these words may be a beacon of hope during the time of an emergency or disaster.

Regardless of the nature of the call, telecommunicators need to ensure each call is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. With these requirements in mind, VisionAIR provides the best of both worlds by offering a highly dependable, yet easy to use Computer Aided Dispatch system.

With VisionCAD, communication center personnel are able to perform multiple tasks while ensuring the safety of both public safety personnel and their communities for each and every call they receive.

Reduce response times

With VisionCAD, communication centers will see a reduction in call response times due to a number of automated processes. Whether the telecommunicator chooses to handle calls using a drag and drop approach or command line, VisionCAD will help ensure each dispatched unit is only a click away.

Ensure the right resources are on scene as quickly as possible

VisionCAD helps ensure that not only the right personnel respond to call, but that the right equipment is also available and on scene when needed.

Maximize the safety of personnel

Safety is critical, both to the responder as well as the caller. VisionCAD helps maximize the safety of each dispatched call by integrating with the VisionAIR Public Safety Suite. Whether the need to silently dispatch personnel or to track the movements of personnel via AVL mapping, VisionCAD ensures telecommunicators know the location of each unit and their current status.

Increase communication center productivity

VisionCAD is designed to function within a single as well as multi-agency environment. Communication centers will see an increase in productivity as workflow processes are streamlined and in many instances completely managed from within the VisionCAD application.

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